Freeduc-CD, an educational GNU-Linux distribution based on Knoppix


FREEDUC-CD is an educational GNU-Linux distribution based on Knoppix.
It offers an attractive educational environment for various domains, at
various levels. It has been downloaded 65,000 times since year 2002 (which
approximately 40 Terabytes). Recent versions have been distrubuted in
Indian and French magazines, and sponsored by UNESCO.

This distribution runs on a wide majority of Intel machines, and is
readily usable in schools and at home. When distributed to younger
students, it guarantees that the home computer cannot be damaged by
its usage.

Currently, available good free-libre education programs and resources
are too big to fit on a sigle CDROM, even compressed to store 2 Gigabytes,
so association OFSET is planning to release a variety of flavours of this
distribution, in addition to a DVD-ROM release.