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In Theory and Practice

Lectures on various subjects are offered in parallel tracks. Subsequently there is enough time for Q&A sections with the consultant.

Those who would like to examine a subject thoroughly or want to test what has been learned previously are well advised to attend a workshop. Professional staff attempts to communicate a certain subject in detail over a period of usually 3 hours.

All workshops are summarised on the Workshops page. Registration in advance is required and a fee will be charged.

Talks for beginners are normally shorter and take place in smaller rooms so that the conditions for discussions and questions are more attractive and one can be more responsive to the audience.

Main points 2010

Services and Daemons

Free software has always been one of the pillars of interconnected systems. Again and again, new protocols are developed and exising ones are improved. The main point "Services and Deamons" shall discuss available protocols and their implementation as well as present new application fields and business models.

New Desktops

For many people, the graphical user interface is the most important access to their computer. Desktop environments are expected to be more than just an application launcher or a file manager. At the same time, there is the wish to even more useability. This area of tension is covered by "New Desktops".


Washing machines, cell phones, routers, video recorders... Free Software has found its way into incredible many devices. Handicraft enthusiasts and professionals are benefiting from the extensive offer of hardware platforms, development tools and already prepared system software. The main point "Embedded" is introducing these.

Privacy despite network

Together with the possibilities of interconnection risks for the security of private data arise. "Privacy despite network" is elaborating this dangers, enlightens risks and shows opportunities to improve data privacy. Thereby, technical as well as legal aspects matter.

Highlights 2010

In addition to our main points we prepared some selected special themes. You may wonder what's showing up...


With the kernel track, the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage have won another facet. Here is a chance for everybody to inform himself about about recent developments in the operating systems core or find an entrance to kernel code development. More information about this subject is available here.

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