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Total Testing

Emenda - Expertise in Total Testing
- Defining and Implementing a Total Testing Platform
- 12 Levels of Testing and Analysis for FOSS and COTS Software
- Integrated Static Source Code Analysis, Security and Architectural Discovery
- Sensible Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Software Assets
- Managing Pitfalls of Open Source Licencing, Compliance and OSS Component Management

Informationen zu den Ausstellern

Name: Neil Langmead
Beruf: CEO Emenda Ltd.
Firma / Organisation: Emenda GmbH
E-Mail: neil.langmead@emenda.eu

Name: Jason McAllister
Beruf: Sales Business Development Manager / Testing Tool Consultant
Firma / Organisation: Emenda GmbH
E-Mail: jason.mcallister@emenda.eu

Name: Martin Smith
Firma / Organisation: Emenda GmbH

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