Icinga 2 – Secure Cluster Stack Monitoring and More

Bernd Erk (ICINGA - Open Source Monitoring) / E-Mail: bernd.erk@icinga.org

Termin:  Sonntag, 15:00, Raum V6

One of the best places to spy on an IT environment would be via its monitoring system. Beyond housing user, application and performance data, encryption in NSCA or NRPE distributed systems are often forgotten. This talk will present Icinga 2 and the security considerations made in its development. With SSL cluster communication by default, and an ACL (access control list), Icinga 2 makes secure distributed monitoring easy. In a live demo we'll set up clusters that can be managed per individual domains, such that both users and checks can be restricted to specific systems. We'll flaunt Icinga 2's feature set and future development plans.

Webseite: http://www.icinga.org

Erwünschte Vorkenntnisse: Unix Grundkenntnisse, Erfahrung mit Netzwerken

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