Name: Matthias Kupfer
Mail: Matthias Kupfer

Linux Night

After the official daily sessions you can finish the day in a relaxed manner and chat in the student club PEB club nearby venue. The Pizza Proxy provides something to eat.

When and Where

March 15th 2014, start at 6:00 pm

PEB Studentenkeller, Reichenhainer Straße 35/37

Film Program

start at 7:30 pm

film club "mittendrin" (in the same building)

The Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt (Winner of the Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2013) presents the best short films of the recent years. We would like to invite our guests from near and far. Apart from Linux-Days Chemnitz has a lot to offer. Entrance free Note for our foreign guests: Bear in mind that all films are shown without english subtitles. Films with (almost) no (relevant) dialogue are marked with an *



Laura Photo 1 Laura Photo 2

Lost Memory *

Lost Memory Photo 1 Lost Memory Photo 2

Das Kaninchenproblem

Short Film *

Short Film Photo

Herr Tod von nebenan

Herr Tod Photo 1 Herr Tod Photo 2 Herr Tod Photo 3

Duell in Griesbach *

Duell in Griesbach Photo

Vatertag *

Vatertag Photo 1 Vatertag Photo 2

Nachgehakt spezial

Nachgehakt spezial Photo 1 Nachgehakt spezial Photo 2

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