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Fect-Sheet: Chemnitz Linux-Days

The conference 'Chemnitzer Linux-Tage' is performed by members of the Open Source Community. We bring together Linux users, insiders, and companies.

With our dedication we stand for Open Source, Free Software, free information and secure communication for everyone.

In 1999 the first Chemnitzer Linux-Tag took place. It was a one-day event with lectures and an installation party and over 700 guests. This number even exceeded the expectations of the organizers. Since the year 2000 the 'Chemnitzer Linux-Tage' have established as an annual two-day event. The conference always takes place on one weekend in March.

The number of guests has increased continuously since the first event. In March 2007 we reached the visitor record of 2700 guests, coming not only from Chemnitz and Saxony but also from all over Germany and even from different countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

The 'Chemnitzer Linux-Tage' offer a diversified programme to all kinds of guests. We provide a wide range of lectures for beginners, users and experts, who can increase their knowledge in many workshops. Our exhibition area can be used for discussions with experts of many different areas. Visitors can also bring their own computer and get some help of our experts regarding the installion of Linux or solving problems with their system.

The 'Chemnitzer Linux-Tage' 2014 - short facts and numbers
  • 90 lectures
  • 14 workshops of several hours
  • 13 company presentations and 46 project presentations on an area of 2000 square meters
  • about 460 voluntary helpers
  • and much more

The audience of the 'Chemnitzer Linux-Tage' is variegated: Pupils and students just as well a part as home computer users interested in Linux and employees. In order to meet the needs of all guests from Linux newbies to Open Source experts, our event offers a multifaceted programme. The high quality and great reputation of our event helps us to get highly competent experts as helpers and guests.

Our sponsors have the opportunity to draw attention to themselves as supporters of the 'Chemnitzer Linux-Tage' and to further increase their visibility. This especially includes our website. Furthermore, the logos of premium sponsors will be placed on most of the printed material. Lectures and stands offer to get in touch with Linux users and experts. Thus companies can present themselves while having the opportunity to socialise with prospective future customers, employees and business partners.

Are you interested in supporting the 'Chemnitzer Linux-Tage'? Just send an e-mail.

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