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Key Signing – Save the date: 13 March, 2015

Join the PGP-Party

If one wants to protect sensitive data from insight of third he or she can send it encrypted. It is for instance possible to use GnuPG to produce appropiate codes, that can be used to assign a message to a dedicated person. To verify such keys, so called keysigning parties are offered. A lot of people can ensure themselves there that key and person belong together. People confirm this by signing the keys. To prove own identy a valid identification card is necessary. The more signings a key has the more trustworthy it is.

PGP parties belong to the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage since many years. It is always very exciting to see the web of trust increasing. Also this year the pgp party is offered again. Until March 13th you can register for it. Detailed information is listed on the website.

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