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Not that difficult

Getting into something is sometimes easier said than done - there are so many distributions, the explanations of friends are very cryptical, the tools are unfamiliar. The well visited lectures of our beginner's forum show that the introduction to and the handling with Linux is not that difficult. The presentations are comprehensible and there is often room for discussions. We have noted that also old stagers often pay a visit to the beginner's forum and are surprised by a new amount of knowledge.

Changes since announcement

  • The lecture „Wie wollen wir morgen leben?“ on Sunday 10:00 was canceled.
  • The lecture „Recht, Open Source, Open Content – spielend einfach?“ on Saturday 13:00 is rescheduled on sunday 10:00.
  • The lecture 'Btrfs – Das Dateisystem der Zukunft?' on Sunday, 15.00, was canceled.
  • The lecture 'Btrfs – Das Dateisystem der Zukunft?' on Saturday, 10.00, was canceled.
  • New: lecture on Sunday, 15.00, V2: 'Raspberry Pi als «Musikabspielgerät»' (Uwe Berger).
  • New: lecture on Sunday, 15.00, V6: 'Btrfs: Snapshots in der Praxis' (Andreas Klein).
 Raum V1
R. Scheck,
S. Kemter:

Der ultimative Fedora A-Z Vortrag
J. Schilling:
UNIX nur ein Spiel? Die bewusst einfachen Konzepte von UNIX.
H. Trapp:
Machtvolle Befehle - die Welt der Linux-Kommandozeile
12:30 Pause
C. Klostermann:
Recht, Open Source, Open Content – spielend einfach?
M. Eggers:
Wie man von Windows auf Kubuntu wechselt
A. Beckert:
Mehrere Terminals in einem mit GNU Screen
M. Neitzel:
Hällo Wörld!
J. Schilling:
Audio- und Daten-CDs trotz Lesefehlern einfach kopieren?
18:00 Ende