GNU Libreboot – a free as in freedom BIOS replacement


Tobias Platen

Libreboot is a free BIOS replacement that initializes the hardware and start a bootloader such as GNU grub for x86 based machines. Unlike coreboot, Libreboot does not contain any non-free binary blobs, so it can be used for hardware that is certified «Respects Your Freedom». Only a few models are supported by Libreboot, including older ThinkPads and some ARM-based Chromebooks. Libreboot also offers practical advantages such as full disk encryption or a secure boot which will only boot GPG signed kernels. It won't boot Windows and it certainly does not include Microsoft's public key nor a Windows license. There is no BIOS level malware preinstalled, and it also disables the Management Engine on supported Intel hardware.


Weitere Informationen: Kurz-Paper


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