frida – a Free Software Interactive Disassembler

I will present an emerging free software tool for interactive
disassembling of (almost) any binaries leveraging LLVM to support many target architectures.

frida is an interactive disassembler based on LLVM and Qt. It is also
Free Software! frida is cross-platform – it can run on basically any
Unixoid System as well as Mac OS X and Windows and it can handle
Binarys for every architecture LLVM supports (and there are a lot of
them!). It currently supports ELF and PE binaries and has some support for MachO files.

frida is built on and around existing Free Software. The LLVM
Toolchain already offers more opportunities than can reasonably be
implemented soon. There is, for example, a integrated Debugger (LLDB) and a C frontend that can be used to parse headers for function declarations and structure definitions.



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