The Chemnitzer Linux-Tage take place in the central lecture hall and seminar building of Technischen Universität Chemnitz. The building is located on the campus next to the Reichenhainer Straße 90.
GPS co-ordinates: 50°48'48.931" N, 12°55'47.154" E.

Map of the area on OpenStreetMap

Nationwide journey

Directions by train
  • Train schedule:
  • The closest train station is "Chemnitz-Süd" (Chemnitz South), otherwise get off at "Hauptbahnhof" (central station). In town public transport (ÖPNV, see below) can be used.

Directions by car

  • North-West-Germany: Towards Hannover, take A2 towards Berlin and Magdeburg, take A14 towards Dresden and Dreieck Nossen, take A4 towards Chemnitz
  • North-East-Germany: Towards Berlin, take A13 and Dresden, take A4 towards Chemnitz
  • West Germany: Towards Bad Hersfeld (northwards take A44/A7 or southwards take A4/A45/A5), take A4 towards Chemnitz
  • South-West-Germany: Towards Frankfurt am Main, take A5 and Bad Hersfeld, take A4 towards Chemnitz
  • Southern Germany: Towards Nürnberg, take A9 towards Leipzig and Hof, take A72 towards Chemnitz

Parking spaces are available for free on the opposite side of the road, about 100 m far away.

The Parking spaces behind the building no longer exists.


To get a lift with somebody have a look at linuxwiki. You can find the current spam protection password at the bottom of the main page.

Directions by Linux bus

There will be a special bus from the Ruhr area heading towards the Chemnitz Linux Days provided by Freedom Tours.

Düsseldorf → Essen → Autohof Geseke → Chemnitz

Who would like to use it (from an intermediate station, too) can find further information at

Directions by commercial aviation

Well, there is no airport in Chemnitz ;-). Therefore we recommend to fly to the airports Dresden or Leipzig and subsequently use a train or car in order to get to Chemnitz.

Directions by general aviation

The airfield Chemnitz/Jahnsdorf (EDCJ) is located approximately 6.5 nautical miles southwest of Chemnitz. Opening hours and pilot data can be retrieved from the official publication or the website of the airfield. Railway line 522, which leads you directly to the city centre, stops in the vicinity of the airfield. From there you may continue by the bus.

In Chemnitz

From the train station "Chemnitz Süd": 10 minutes of walking distance heading out ouf town, or take the bus (line 51/E51/X51) and ride 3 stations directing Reichenhain/Altchemnitz/Erfenschlag until "TU Campus".

From the central station: Take the tram (lines 2,6 or 522) towards Zentralhaltestelle then take the bus (line 51/E51/X51) towards Reichenhain/Altchemnitz/Erfenschlag and get off at the stop "TU Campus". Schedules for tram and bus

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