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Contact: Maik Hentsche, Yvonne Seidel


Sponsor-Logo: Varia


Mehr als 10 Jahre Erfahrung:
VARIA versteht sich als Distributor, Fachhändler und Dienstleister in den Bereichen Wireless Netzwerktechnologie und Embedded Systemen.
Das Unternehmen wurde 1997 als Dienstleistungsunternehmen für Server- und Netzwerklösungen gegründet und hat seinen Hauptsitz in Niederwürschnitz sowie eine Niederlassung in Chemnitz.
Neben der Bereitstellung von Daten- und Serverdiensten standen seit der Gründung zunehmend die Optimierung und der Support von Kundennetzwerken im Vordergrund. Diese enge Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden ermöglicht die Realisierung individueller Projekte, Prozesse und Konzepte.
VARIA bietet damit Unternehmen jeder Art ein umfassendes Spektrum an Hardware und IT-Dienstleistungen zur Planung, Installation und zum Betrieb von WLAN Netzwerken / Hot Spots an.
Um den besten und schnellstmöglichen Support für die eingesetzte Hardware zu gewährleisten, arbeiten wir unmittelbar mit den jeweiligen Herstellern zusammen (Import / Distribution).

Sponsor-Logo: c.a.p.e. IT GmbH

c.a.p.e. IT GmbH

c.a.p.e. IT GmbH is the specialist for branch-specific service processing within IT and technical services based on open source. Our staff has more than 10 years of project experience, extensive OTRS-knowledge and is ITIL-certified. We are the vendor of the world's largest and free OTRS module KIX4OTRS. Since 2016, we develop KIX, the new generation of our service management system as a standard solution for the technical service desk.

We professionally provide best practice add-ons for data and system integration, service accounting and reporting. KIX and its add-ons contribute to the sustainable optimization of the service processing. As the leading service provider, we support you within the analysis, implementation,customization, training, upgrade as well as further services including outsourcing.

We are members of the industry associations as BITKOM, Open Source Business Alliance and itSMF.

Sponsor-Logo: Mailbox.org


Founded in early 2014, mailbox.org was the first established provider to offer PGPencrypted e-mail accounts to customers world-wide. Thanks to the many extra features available in addition to secure e-mail, such as shared calendars and online text processing software in combination with cloud storage, mailbox.org presents a real alternative to other competing services like GoogleDocs or Dropbox.

Technologically, the German provider implements the latest security standards: Connections are made via the DANE protocol and all DNS data is handled by the DNSSEC mechanism which is considered particularly secure. mailbox.org is funded directly by their users who pay a regular fee for the service, starting at 1 Euro per month. mailbox.org respects the privacy of their customers and will never use any account data or personal information for advertising purposes, or sell data to third parties.

Sponsor-Logo: Pengutronix


Pengutronix was founded in 2001, being one of the first companies in Germany providing professional Embedded Linux services for industrial customers.

Pengutronix supports customers within industrial embedded Linux projects. The Pengutronix kernel team works in close cooperation with the international Linux developer community and maintains several ARM derivates in the official kernel.

Business activities:

  • Bootloader porting
  • Linux kernel porting
  • Driver development
  • Software architecture & design
  • Graphical user interfaces
  • POSIX & realtime
Sponsor-Logo: Hetzner


Hetzner Online is a professional web hosting provider and experienced data center operator. Since 1997 the company has provided private and business clients with high-performance hosting products as well as the necessary infrastructure for efficient operation of websites. A combination of stable technology, attractive pricing and flexible support and services has enabled Hetzner Online to continuously strengthen its market position both nationally and internationally.

Hetzner Online stands for high-quality and fast hardware in conjunction with an outstanding price-performance ratio with the support of a competent, in-house service team. Qualified experts in the data center are accessible 24/7 for emergencies.

Numerous top ratings in well-known IT journals attest to the special benefits of Hetzner Online.

Sponsor-Logo: Heinlein Support

Heinlein Support

Heinlein Support GmbH, based in Berlin, offers over 20 years of knowledge and experience in Linux servers and e-mail services. Our customers can benefit from the knowledge we impart during our Linux training courses at the Heinlein Academy or during in-house training sessions. They can also take advantage of our experience in personal consulting services, our attention to detail when hosting customer data on our Linux servers, and our understanding of the Linux operating system when using our appliance and software products. In addition, Heinlein hosts the Mailserver Conference and the Secure Linux Administration Conference. We have worked with thousands of customers from reputable consumer goods companies, service and industry branches, as well as the public sector place for years and they continue to place their trust in us.

Sponsor-Logo: NetKnights GmbH

NetKnights GmbH

NetKnights GmbH is an independent security company which provides services and products in the areas of strong authentication (2FA), identity management and encryption. Securing the customers digital identity is the principal task of the NetKnights. We use our market knowledge and experiences from international projects in two factor authentication, SSO in the cloud, public key infrastructures (PKI), hardware security modules and one time passwords (OTP) to support our customers at all points. We provide independent consulting and implement software products forming the final solution at your site. ...at your side. The NetKnights love opensource. And thus NetKnights are implementing in leading position the opensource two factor authentication system privacyIDEA, which is also here at the Chemnitzer Linuxtage.

Sponsor-Logo: Amazon Development Center Germany GmbH

Amazon Development Center Germany GmbH

In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services -- now commonly known as cloud computing. One of the key benefits of cloud computing is the opportunity to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale as a business grows. With the Cloud, businesses no longer need to plan for and procure servers and other IT infrastructure weeks or months in advance. Instead, they can instantly spin up hundreds or thousands of servers in minutes and deliver results faster.

The AWS platform has grown rapidly since the launch of the first service and it is now the underlying infrastructure for businesses around the world from start-ups to enterprises to government agencies. AWS has hundreds of thousands of customers in over 190 countries leveraging the services from infrastructure locations in the U.S., Europe, South America, Singapore, and Japan.

Companies around the world using AWS range from smaller, fast-growing companies such as Playfish, Airbnb and Pinterest to larger companies such as Shell Oil, NASA and News International.

Sponsor-Logo: T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

T-Systems affiliate Multimedia Solutions develops Internet-based solutions for large corporations and mid-sized companies. The company's approximately 1 500 employees serve customers from all industries by translating web innovations into services for the digital business and social ecosystem. These include solutions for e-commerce, intranet and Internet portals as well as web IT management. In addition to the head office in Dresden, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions also has six other sites in Germany: in Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg, Jena, Munich and Stuttgart.

For more information please visit: www.t-systems-mms.com

Sponsor-Logo: SerNet


SerNet specializes in open source software as well as related services and supports 2000 customers in all time zones. SerNet is the leading service provider for SAMBA, the leading OpenSource solution in CIFS/SMB clustering and authentication technologies. With verinice SerNet publishes the leading open source tool to manage information security (ISMS).

Sponsor-Logo: managedhosting.de


With managedhosting.de solutions, you can focus on your business and not the what if's of systems availability. Feel confident that the managedhosting.de staff has done what is needed to ensure stability. managedhosting.de's solutions are priced for today but scale for tomorrow.

managedhosting.de Hosted VMware vCloud solutions enable organizations to quickly take advantage of Cloud services while maintaining your critical governance requirements.

The managdhosting.de vCloud solution ultimately provides a revolutionary path to enterprise-class hosted cloud computing via our vCloud Director portal under a 100% SLA.

Special subject: Zimbra Collaboration Server on VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud Solutions, High Performance LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and Tomcat infrastructure for mission- critical applications running on vSphere

Sponsor-Logo: Chemmedia


chemmedia AG offers solutions for knowledge workers in global knowledge transfer projects. Over 370 customers in 38 countries and more than 2,000,000 learners already trust our solutions. With Open KnowledgeWorker we now provide these proven technologies as cloud solution for the free exchange of e-learning modules. Now, everybody can be an author. You can easily create e-learning modules and provide them under Creative Commons. Furthermore, you may use modules and media of other users for your own e-learning courses (also for mobile devices) for free.

Sponsor-Logo: Thomas-Krenn


Media partner



Sponsor-Logo: Radio UNiCC

Radio UNiCC

Radio UNiCC the Campusradio is broadcasting the lectures of Chemnitzer Linux-Tage.

Media partner (community)

Sponsor-Logo: Pro Linux

Pro Linux

Pro Linux is one of the largest German sites for Linux and free and Open Source Software. It is the meeting point of all Linux users from beginners to experts. It publishes the latest daily news and the best tips about Linux and free software. Articles, tutorials, workshops, and reviews appear on a regular basis. Other services for the community include one of the largest directories of free and Open Source programs, large link collections, a bulletin board, tips, security advisories of the distributions, and information about user groups.


Sponsor-Logo: Hylastix


HYLASTIX specialized on industrial solutions for infrastructure virtualization. HYLASTIX’s turnkey systems forme the infrastructural spine for digitalized industrial applications, like computer-aided sensor analytics. They are especially adjusted to industry-specific requirements of the mechanical engineering. Our robust and highly available solutions run on-site and are completed by an all-round service. Additionally, we do also provide support for every topic concerning the virtualization, from consulting to the migration of complete service landscapes. With our solutions, you are going to keep sovereignty over your data, while you can still use the enormous savings potential which is provided by a modern IT virtualization.

Sponsor-Logo: Univention


Univention is a leading supplier of Open Source products for the operation and management of IT infrastructures.

The core product is Univention Corporate Server (UCS), a flexible, cost-efficient and successful alternative to server solutions from Microsoft. UCS includes comprehensive Active Directory functions and an App Center with more than 70 enterprise apps that could be integrated and operated easily in existing it environments.

UCS allows web-based IT management and is well suited for organizations of any size, either as a classic server solution, in the cloud or in hybrid IT environments.

With UCS@school exists a school solution, which allows to expand UCS with educational features to manage computer room equipments or set up special modes, for example, for test situations. UCS@school thus facilitates a modern use of IT and digital media in schools.

Sponsor-Logo: Hofmeir Media

Hofmeir Media

The Munich-based streaming and web hosting specialist Hofmeir Media is a provider for Internet-based tv and media services. From the "world capital of television" the company offers iptv playout services in two Munich data centers and receives nearly all european satellite programmes via satellite dishes on the rooftop of the datacenters.

Hofmeir Media is streaming numerous TV and radio stations for Web and HbbTV and also the live streams of the Chemnitzer Linux days.

Sponsor-Logo: BMW Group

BMW Group

Passionate about future technologies. Enthusiastic about innovative ideas. And driving at the highest level. This is BMW Group. With strong brands such as BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, we are pursuing our premium strategy, which makes us one of the worldwide leading automotive and motorcycle manufacturers. This is our business which we complement sensibly with comprehensive financial services for private and business customers. Our success as a premium manufacturer is due to the exceptional motivation and performance of our 116,324 employees in more than 150 countries.

Bringing new innovations to the road would be unthinkable without IT. But not just any IT will do. Trailblazing software solutions which transform ordinary driving experiences into extra-ordinary ones are required. That’s why the success of our Automotive IT is driven by people with passion and ideas, who leverage the freedom we give them to network their skills and continuously push the envelope of what´s possible. Share your passion for revolutionary digitalisation and apply online at http://bmw.jobs/software

Sponsor-Logo: LPI


The LPI e.V. supports the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), a global non-profit organization incorporated in Canada, with the development of independent, globally-recognized professional standards for Linux and Free Software. The acceptance of LPI certification programs and LPI-certified professional is growing through our public relations, education programs and consulting.

Sponsor-Logo: FromDual GmbH

FromDual GmbH

Die FromDual GmbH ist eine, im Jahre 2010 gegründete, Schweizer Firma. Wir haben uns auf neutrale und Hersteller unabhängige Beratungs-, Support- und Schulungs-Dienstleistungen für MySQL spezialisiert.

Unsere Ingenieure decken mit ihren Fähigkeiten die verschiedenen Varianten von MySQL (Galera Cluster, Percona Server und MariaDB) ab, einschliesslich der Kombination mit Galera Cluster. Unsere Hauptprodukte und -Dienstleistungen sind:

  • Beratung, Support und Schulung für MySQL, Percona Server und MariaDB.
  • Beratung, Support und Schulung für Galera Cluster.
  • FromDual's Performance Monitor für MySQL (mpm).
  • Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) für MySQL.
Vom weltweit agierenden Global Players bis hin zu kleinen Internet Start-ups in Branchen wie Telekommunikation und VoIP, e-Commerce, ERP, Hosting, Finanzdienstleistungen, e-Marketing, Tourismus, Bildungsstätten, etc. ist in unserem Kundenstamm alles vertreten.

Zudem ist FromDual Oracle Silber Partner, Open Database Alliance (ODBA) Silber Partner und Dienstleistungs-Partner von Codership für Galera Cluster für MySQL. Weiter Informationen finden Sie unter: www.fromdual.com

Sponsor-Logo: Open Source Business Alliance

Open Source Business Alliance

The Open Source Business Alliance - abbreviated OSB Alliance - counts over 230 members and is one of Europe's largest network of businesses and organizations that develop, are based on, or implement open source software.
The goal of the Alliance OSB is to make open source software and other forms of open cooperation more successful. The OSB Alliance achieves its goal by disseminating information, creating favorable conditions for manufacturers and users, as well as by the actively networking manufacturers, customers and service providers. Especially interoperability between different open source systems and with proprietary software plays an important role.

Sponsor-Logo: openSUSE


The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. openSUSE creates one of the world's best Linux distributions, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner as part of the worldwide Free and Open Source Software community.

The project is controlled by its community and relies on the contributions of individuals, working as testers, writers, translators, usability experts, artists and ambassadors or developers. The project embraces a wide variety of technology, people with different levels of expertise, speaking different languages and having different cultural backgrounds.

Sponsor-Logo: Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH is a global provider of powerful open source server solutions. The Austrian-based company develops the server virtualization platform Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE), and the anti-spam and anti-virus software Proxmox Mail Gateway, and offers additional services like support and training.

The feature-rich Proxmox VE hypervisor combines KVM and container-virtualization on a single management GUI, which allows users to manage KVM virtual machines, Linux containers (LXC), storage, virtualized networks, and multinode HA clusters. Proxmox VE is installed on more than 110.000 hosts in over 140 countries enabling users to create affordable, secure and scalable virtualized IT infrastructures.

Sponsor-Logo: GONICUS


Das Arnsberger IT-Unternehmen GONICUS, einer der größten unabhängigen Dienstleister für Open-Source-Software in Deutschland, steht für maßgeschneiderte, kundenorientierte Lösungen. Das 25-köpfige Team um die Geschäftsführer Rainer Lülsdorf und Alfred Schröder steht Unternehmen und Behörden aus unterschiedlichsten Branchen als Full-Service-Partner zur Verfügung. Die Open-Source-Berater erstellen Konzepte, vermitteln Know-how in Workshops und kümmern sich um die Implementierung neuer sowie die Wartung bestehender Systeme. Vom Systemmanagement bis Voice over IP, von der Machbarkeitsanalyse bis zum Support ist das Leistungsspektrum breit gefächert. Als einer der ersten Linux-Dienstleister hat GONICUS ein durchgängiges Qualitätsmanagement auf Basis der DIN ISO 9001:2008 erfolgreich eingeführt und zertifizieren lassen.

Sponsor-Logo: Megware


MEGWARE Computer Vertrieb und Service GmbH has carved its position as one of Europe’s leading supercomputing specialists.

Since its inception in 1990, the company from Chemnitz has gathered extensive experience in the development and installation of High Performance Computing (HPC) systems and Linux Clusters. As things stand, MEGWARE has delivered and installed approximately 1000 high performance computing systems to research institutes, universities and customers in the sectors of industry and commerce. The portfolio of services extends from expert upstream planning to procurement, production and testing of the complete system, also turnkey installation and tailored service and support.

Our in-house software and hardware developments have made MEGWARE solutions what they are today: turnkey productive systems, immediately ready for deployment. All developments are tailored to suit customer wishes and benefits and are optimised for their respective fields of application and use.

Sponsor-Logo: it-novum


it-novum is the leading IT consultancy for Business Open Source in the German-speaking market. We operate with 75 employees from our main office in Fulda and branch offices in Berlin and Vienna to serve large SME enterprises as well as big companies in the German-speaking markets. As certified SAP Business Partner and longtime partner of a wide range of Open Source products we mainly focus on the integration of Open Source with Closed Source and the development of combined Open Source solutions and platforms. We have developed two open source projects:

  • openITCOCKPIT for system monitoring
  • openATTIC for storage management

Sponsor-Logo: Petra Pönisch Verlag

Petra Pönisch Verlag

Neben Klöppelbriefen und -büchern vertreibt der Petra Pönisch Verlag mit knipling das weltweit einzige Entwurfsprogramm für Klöppelbriefe, das unter Linux läuft.

Sponsor-Logo: Zarafa


Nowadays, e-mail is one of the mission critical applications of a company. Zarafa combines the usabillity of Outlook with the stability and flexibility of a Linux server. Not only Outlook is supported natively, but users can use also the web 2.0 Outlook "Look & Feel" webaccess and all ActiveSync compatible mobile devices as well as Blackberry.

Sponsor-Logo: Rheinwerk Verlag

Rheinwerk Verlag

Der Rheinwerk Verlag ist Deutschlands führender Verlag für IT, Design und Fotografie. Die Bücher, E-Books und Video-Trainings helfen Einsteigern und Experten bei der Aus- und Weiterbildung. Mehr über das gesamte Programm des Rheinwerk Verlags erfahren Sie auf: https://www.rheinwerk-verlag.de

Sponsor-Logo: KaMUX


KaMUX GmbH & Co. KG is a management consulting company focussed on small and medium enterprises. Our main subject is our customers organization. We do improve our clients abilities using free and opensource software whenever possible.

Sponsor-Logo: Thomas Winde Ausflugsfahrten

Thomas Winde Ausflugsfahrten

Thomas Winde Ausflugsfahrten, bietet seit mehreren Jahren Mietfahrten zu verschiedenen Linuxveranstaltungen an. Außer dem Hauptgeschäft (Ausflugsfahrten, Mietfahrten, Flughafenzubringer und Gütertaxi) bietet er auch noch Bürodienstleistungen (Schreibarbeiten) und Computerdienstleistungen (Hardwareinstallation, Linuxerstinstallationen, Vorträge usw.) an. Thomas Winde ist auch Mitorganisator der Chemnitzer Linux-Tage (Einsteigerforum).

Sponsor-Logo: Steko


Das "STEKO Spielhaus" ist ein Fachgeschäft für pädagogisch wertvolles Holzspielzeug und kreative Spielideen im Zentrum von Chemnitz.
"STEKO Spielhaus" ist eine geschützte Marke und steht für das vom Firmeninhaber entwickelte STEKO-Spielhaus-Systems. Das patentierte Stecksystem fördert bei Kindern die Kreativität, trainiert innovatives Denken und Spielen, schult soziales Verhalten im Gruppenzusammenspiel, stärkt das Selbstwertgefühl und bietet sich als eine Bewegungsbaustelle für Kindergarten und Hortgruppen an.
Der Sitz der Firma steko-Spielgeräte, sowie der Vertrieb für Kindergärten und Grundschulen befindet sich in Gera/Thür.


dpunkt was founded in 1995 and has grown into one of the leading German publishers in the IT-publishing market. dpunkt serves the professional computing and telecommunications community by providing information products and services, primarily through publications (print and digital) and training.

Although dpunkt's focus is on digital technology, its mission goes beyond technology, promoting its use to support creativity, and to improve communication among people. dpunkt uses digital technology in an extensive way to design, manufacture and distribute its products.


O'Reilly books provide hands-on expertise on important and cutting-edge technologies. Our authors are part of the various user groups and technical communities and therefore have first-class practical knowledge - they therefore have first-class practical knowledge. German O'Reilly books are published by dpunkt.verlag.

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