Just listening is boring?

No problem. Taking part in our workshops is not only allowed but also desired. You can apply your new learned skills to your own Computer while the speaker is talking.

Please note that a registration is necessary. The correspondent forms are available on the introductory pages of each of the workshops and will be opened on 08.02.2016.

Changes since announcement

  • The worshop ”Introduction to Binary Exploitation“ on Sunday 14:00 was canceled.
  • The lecture ”OSS als Schlüsselqualifikation im Internet der Dinge” on Saturday 17:00 was canceled.
  • The lecture ”Closed Companies und Open Source” on Saturday 12:30 was canceled.

Saturday, 19. March 2016

Raum W1Raum W2Raum W3
ab 10:00Barcamps
B. GmbH:
Android mit Google-Befreiung, PlayStore Apps im eigenen Repo
R. Mutz:
How to use a Smartcard, GnuPG-Karte, Yubikey?
13:00 - 14:00PausePause
ab 14:00
M. Müller:
Advanced Python
A. Pech:
Hands-on DNSSEC

Sunday, 20. March 2016

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The lecture program was compiled by: Mario Haustein, Jens Pönisch, Ralph Sontag, Holger Trapp

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