System-level Transactions with picotm


Thomas Zimmermann (Software Developer) / Homepage

Concurrency and error handling are usually complicated to implement and test. In this presentation we'll look at basic problems and discuss how transactions can help to solve these (almost) automatically. Transactional programming will evolve as paradigm for implementing reliable software.
On the practical side, we’ll examine the I/O code of two example programs implemented in C. We’ll talk about the software picotm, a system-level transaction manager for POSIX systems, which will make the examples thread-safe and less error prone. In the final part, we’ll look at the functionality that is currently provided as part of picotm; such as transactional memory, C string and memory functions, memory allocation, file-descriptor I/O, and more.


Erwünschte Vorkenntnisse: This is an entry-level to mid-level presentation. Basic knowledge of programming concepts is required. Unix, data-base systems and concurrent-programming knowledge is helpful. All important concepts will also be explained during the presentation.

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