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Introducing open source service provider

Free software has long been a foundation for projects in the corporate environment. Some companies use Free Software as a base for their products, others generate immediate revenue with service and support. Often the specialization is high, so that must be consulted for more complex projects partners.

Our supporting companies are invited to present themselves in a short verbal presentation. On one hand this is our way to thank this companies for their assistance on the other hand we encourage further contacts with this business strand.

The sequence is as follows:

... For the audience:

  • Listen relaxed within a few minutes up to 15 open source companies. Find out, what exactly they do and what is required to on provider and customer side. Moreover you get to know the areas in which cooperation is necessary or desired.
  • Subsequent personal conversations or even open discussions are possible and encouraged.

... For the participating companies:

  • A total of 15 slots are provided.
  • Registration period 05 February to 08 March 2018
  • Prepares a beamer compatible document of no more than 2 (two) Pages with following attributes:
    • Page 4:3
    • No dynamic elements (animations, 3D objects, movies, ...)
    • PDF format
  • Please send the document latest, Saturday morning, 10 March. All presentations are collected and integrated into one presentation document.
  • During Saturday of the Linux-Tage conference, all company representatives meet at 3 pm in room W4.
  • After a short introduction the presentation starts by sequentially presenting the service providers in randomized order.
  • The respective company representatives are given the opportunity to speak up to 2.5 minutes (which is 5 times as long as a television commercial).
  • Our moderator is the time keeper and looks after the forwarding of the pages.
  • Afterwards audience is ask to discuss their questions. Business card exchange, continuing talks on the exhibition stands is appreciated.
  • With this format we wish to reach a wide audience. You can help us to successfully support business exchange. Please promote the event on posters at your stand.