LPI Certificate

The Linux Professional Institute – LPI is an internationally recognized, vendor-independent organization advocating and assisting the professional use of Linux, Open Source and Free Software, through the certification of Linux professionals.

As part of the Chemnitzer Linux Tage, LPI certification exams will be offered again this year as well as the Univention LPI-198 examination:

LPI Linux Essentials
Exam LPI Linux Essentials 60 € English
LPIC-1: System Administrator
Exam LPI 101 (LPIC-1 exam) 90 € English
Exam LPI 102 (LPIC-1 exam) 90 € English
LPIC-2: Linux Engineer
Exam LPI 201 (LPIC-2 exam) 90 € English
Exam LPI 202 (LPIC-2 exam) 90 € English
LPIC-3: Linux Enterprise Professional
Exam LPI 300: Mixed Environment 90 € English
Exam LPI 303: Security 90 € English
Exam LPI 304: Virtualization and High Availability 90 € English
LPIC-OT DevOps Tools Engineer
Exam LPI 701: DevOps Tools Engineer 90 € English
Certification (UVCP)
Exam LPI 198: Univention Professional Cerfication 85 € English

The language is selected at the time of registration. Prices are in addition to the admission fees. The amount has to be paid in cash.

Meeting point for all participants is 15 minutes before the start in the exam room.


The exam will be taken in paper form. The candidate will receive their results about four weeks later by e-mail. At a completed certification level, the official documents will be delivered by mail.


Examinees need a valid LPI-ID and a Photo ID. If you still do not have an LPI-ID please register at https://cs.lpi.org/caf/Xamman/ to obtain it immediately.

Please review the requisites for receiving the Linux Essentials Certificate: https://www.lpice.eu/en/our-certifications/


  • To become LPIC-1 certified the candidate must pass the exams 101 and 102.
  • To become LPIC-2 certified the candidate must have an active LPIC-1 certification and also pass the exams 201 and 202. But the LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams may be taken in any order.
  • Three separate LPIC-3 specialty certifications are available. Passing any one of the three exams will grant the LPIC-3 certification for that specialty.
    The candidate must have an active LPIC-2 certification to receive LPIC-3 certification, but the LPIC-2 and LPIC-3 exams may be taken in any order.


Due to the limited number of places available for LPI exams, you need to register for the exam.

The exam registration is available at: http://lpievent.lpice.eu/.

For further questions regarding the offered exams, please do not hesitate to contact info(at)lpice.eu.

You will find further information at the websites Linux Professional Institute and LPI Central Europe.