Nur noch wenige Tage

Der Fans of Linux and Open Source,

before the 20th Chemnitzer Linux-Tage welcome their visitors this coming weekend, we will inform you once more about

The essentials in brief:

… and in detail:

Few days are left, then the 20th Chemnitzer Linux-Tage take place. Some workshops, such as keras, ansible or python, are already booked. For others you can still register for free seats until Tuesday via the online form or later at the event directly at the information desk. Also in the CLT Junior program, there are some remaining places available for individual offers.

In case of questions about installations, hardware problems or the first steps in a new system, the competent staff of the Dr. Tux' office is happy to support you. Appointment requests can be specified via our online form, where the problems can be described in advance. This helps us to plan and provide the appropriate expert. The computer to be treated should be brought with you.

With the Lightning Talks, we offer space for ideas, projects and tools that should be briefly presented to the public. There are 5 minutes each for up to 15 talks - the perfect length to leave a lasting impression. The registration of a Lightning Talks is still possible until March 8.

Glory and fame can be acquired in the first "Backdoor Contest". Up to four teams compete against each other and try to fit in or eliminate backdoors in a given system. The registration form is open to lone winners, doubles or even trio. Have courage!

If you want to encrypt your confidential data with GnuPG, you will have the opportunity to exchange with other GnuPG users at the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage and to increase the trustworthiness of your key at the KeySigning-Party on Saturday. All instructions for preparation and further process are available on our website.

The CLT team is in the starting blocks. On Thursday, the first handles for the construction take place. With short status reports, pictures and hints we keep up to date on our website and in the social media channels.

Even after 20 years we are still very excited. See you at the weekend!

the organisation team of Chemnitzer Linux-Tage