Not that difficult

Getting into something is sometimes easier said than done - there are so many distributions, the explanations of friends are very cryptical, the tools are unfamiliar. The well visited lectures of our beginner's forum show that the introduction to and the handling with Linux is not that difficult. The presentations are comprehensible and there is often room for discussions. We have noted that also old stagers often pay a visit to the beginner's forum and are surprised by a new amount of knowledge.

Changes since announcement

  • The lecture room of the tracks „Einsteigerforum“ (beginner's forum) and „Jeder fängt mal an.“ swaped for reasons of organisation. The beginner's forum taks now place in lecture room V2.
  • The lecture „Swift für Linux“ of S. Herzberg at sunday 5:00pm has been cancelled. A replacement lecture will be published if appropriate.
  • The lecture „Google Summer of Code“ by A. Tille at saturday 3:00pm has been cancelled.
  • The lecture „Was sie schon immer über udev wissen wollten …“ by Dr. M. Wilck at sunday 11:00am has been cancelled.
  • The lecture „NixOS – eine deklarative Linux-Distribution“ by C. Kauhaus at sunday 16:00 has been cancelled. will by given by R. Marko in english.
  • The lecture „virtuell != physikalisch“ by M. Desaive at saturday 9:00 has been cancelled.will be given by Stephen Seitz.
  • The lecture „Wie ich lernte, mein Haus zu verstehen“ by G. Beine at saturday 11:00 has been cancelled.
  • The lecture „Schadsoftware mit Honeypots fangen und analysieren“ by S. Schumacher at sunday 16:00 has been cancelled.