Notes for speakers and exhibitors

22.10.2017 Website online
02.11.2017 Call for Lectures
08.01.2018 Application deadline
05.02.2018 Programm online
10.03.2018-11.03.2018 Chemnitz Linux Days 2018

Abstract and «short paper»

After the form for the Call for Lectures was filled out, speakers will receive a confirmation email. We ask you to also submit a «short paper», a short overview of the content on one page. While the abstract will only contain a small amount of lines (that will be printed in the program), the short paper will be linked online in order to further facilitate the choice of suitable lectures for potential attendees.

The program committee will value the lectures with the help of the texts. Abstracts will be already required during the registration, short paper will be sent by email afterwards (if possible by the CfL deadline). We prefer a simple text, also a PDF-file, but no Office documents or the like.


The lecture halls are lecture theatres with a capacity of around 100, 200 or 400 people. Dimming facilities, a projector with a big screen, blackboard and overhead projector are available in each lecture theatre. We ask you to use the installed amplifier since the lectures will be recorded.

The rooms for the workshops are big enough for around 30 attendees and are equipped similarly.

The Backstage-Area can be used for preparations. In case you need an accomodation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

22.10.2017 Website online
02.11.2017 Call for Presentation
08.01.2018 Application deadline
14.02.2018 Preliminary booth plan
10.03.2018-11.03.2018 Chemnitz Linux Days 2018

The most important pieces of information at a glance

We want to provide our visitors a high quality. For this reason you should take note of these points.

  • Booth supervisors - Please provide at least two supervisors for your booth. The maximum amount of supervisors for your booth is limited to four.
  • Posters - At least: 1 Poster - We provide display cases for your posters in the following format: 92cm x 126cm (DIN A0). - For projects which don't have representative posters on their own, we support you with free layout and production.
  • Abstract - Provide a meaningful abstract for your project / company.
  • Powersupply - Per booth we provide 600 W of electric power. A higher requirement has to be declared and accepted by our team!
  • Application - Every project / company needs to apply separately for Linux-Live.
  • Special requests - Please provide special requests in the remarks area. We will try to follow your requests, but we can't assure anything.

Mandatory posters and abstracts

It is very important for our visitors to immediately see what a booth is about. For this reason we ask for at least one content-rich poster per booth.

We are aware that not every project can afford the print of a high quality poster. For that reason we support you by providing the layout and printing of DIN A0 sized posters, which can stay with the project after the event. If you wish to use this service, please let us know during the registration of your project.

Projects, who don't provide a meaningful abstract, won't be accepted.

Minimum and maximum amount of supervisors per booth

For our visitors it is important, that a booth is always manned. This is only possible, when at least 2 supervisors are available. For this reaѕon we ask for at least 2 people per project.

We treat every person at a booth as a volunteer. Volunteers get everything free of charge (catering, evening event, indoor camping). This might be attractive for other people however also costs us a lot of resources. For this reason we limit the amount of volunteer per booth to four.