Linux networking and EVPN to the host


Attilla de Groot (Sr. Systems Engineer, Cumulus Networks)

Scheduled time: Saturday, 16:00 , Room V6

In typical Openstack or KVM deployment scenarios, an overlay network is built between hypervisors to provide an L2 domain over an IP-fabric. An overlay network allows (live) migration of VMs and multi-tenancy in infrastructure. Unfortunately, with typical setups, the physical underlay network infrastructure is ignored. This deployment scenario has multiple downsides.

With EVPN-VxLAN (RFC8365 with multiple additions), integration with the physical network is much easier given the use of a standardized protocol. Also, the additions of the distributed routing functionality in EVPN allow for the possibility of having a distributed routing setup in Openstack that prevents traffic tromboning.

EVPN VxLAN is implemented in the FreeRangeRouting project in combination with the Linux VRF implementation. An Openstack hypervisor can become a VxLAN VTEP and have the EVPN functionalities directly available on the host.

This presentation contains a live demo.


Desired previous knowledge: - Understanding of Linux networking & involved tools - Some familiarity of (datacenter) network design - Some understanding of VM and/or container deployments

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