Call for Lectures


In 2019, the Chemnitz Linux Days once again would like to present a varied program concerning Linux and Open Source. On that account, we gladly accept registration applications from experts having a commercial or scientific background as well as from hobbyists and end-users.

The main focus of the programme is on “Artificial Intelligence” (AI). This year's motto “Natürlich intelligent.” allows two ways of translation into English–“Naturally intelligent.” as well as “Intelligent, of course.” Being deliberately provocative here, we consider AI a tool not a panacea.

For that part of the programme, we are looking for answers to questions like:

  • What open source AI tools have you been using? What were your experiences?
  • What trends regarding AI and AI tools can you tell us about?
  • Can end-users already deploy AI solutions on their consumer hardware? What examples can you give us?
  • How much are we dependent and controlled by big vendors in this field?
  • Where do classic approaches still outperform AI solutions?
  • What are the perils of AI? How do we face them?
  • What (legal) issues exist when using AI solutions?

Likewise, topics for those who are generally interested in using Linux or in developing it further should be part of the programme. Spam protection, configuration of user interfaces, news regarding the Linux kernel, or linkage of services on the Internet are some examples.

All applications will be reviewed, evaluated and assorted by an application committee.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Of course, during the development of the programme we will also consider submissions that can not be assigned to the above mentioned priorities as far as they relate to open source topics.

File your submission now!

We offer

  • Lectures on various subjects are offered in parallel tracks. Subsequently there is enough time for Q&A sections with the consultant.
  • Those who would like to examine a subject thoroughly or want to test what has been learned previously are well advised to attend a workshop. Professional staff attempts to communicate a certain subject in detail over a period of usually 3 hours. Registration in advance is required and a fee will be charged.
  • Talks for beginners are normally shorter and take place in smaller rooms so that the conditions for discussions and questions are more attractive and one can be more responsive to the audience.