Not that difficult

Getting into something is sometimes easier said than done - there are so many distributions, the explanations of friends are very cryptical, the tools are unfamiliar. The well visited lectures of our beginner's forum show that the introduction to and the handling with Linux is not that difficult. The presentations are comprehensible and there is often room for discussions. We have noted that also old stagers often pay a visit to the beginner's forum and are surprised by a new amount of knowledge.

Changes since announcement

  • The lecture „KI in der Praxis – Oma würde SVMs verwenden“ of S. Kunze was rescheduled to saturday 16:00.
  • The lecture „Vortragsaufzeichnung bei den Chemnitzer Linux-Tagen mit KI“ of D. Schreiber was rescheduled to saturday 17:00.
  • The lecture „Künstliche Intelligenz in der Authentifizierung“ on sunday at 16:00 in V4 was cancelled.
  • The lecture „Rust – Performance, Sicherheit, Parallelisierung“ on saturday at 16:00 in V3 was cancelled.
  • The lecture „Vox Pupuli – Die Community hinter Puppet“ on sunday at 10:00 in V1 was cancelled.
Raum V1
D. Klaffenbach,
D. Schreiber:

Erste Schritte auf dem Linux-Desktop
H. Trapp:
Im Reich der Schalentiere – die Welt der Linux-Kommandozeile
D. Deimeke:
Linux-Überblick für Einsteiger