Human Needs of a Team


Rutuja Joshi (Agile Transformation Coach, Staffbase GmbH)

Termin: Sonntag, 16:00 , Raum V6

While working as an Agile Coach for almost more than a decade, I often heard organisations, CEOs, managers, coaches talking about: How to build great teams? How to create high performing teams? How to have maximum throughput out of a team?

Well, to address this, most of the organisations invest a lot in employee training and learning programs, team building events, various tools and processes around the same. But the most vital aspect of a team is that it is made out of people and you cannot bring out the best from your team just by investing in tools and processes. Then, what shall the organisations do? What shall the Managers do?

Well, my tested solution and approach to this is: Being human and generate EQ within your team. Yes, being human and being empathetic towards each other makes the team much stronger and connecting them on a mindful level is what can make a difference.

So, considering that every person has beliefs, perspectives, and opinions, just like you and me. Considering that every person has hopes, anxieties, and vulnerabilities, just like you and me. Considering that every person has friends, family, and perhaps children who love them, just like you and me. Considering that every person wants to feel respected, appreciated, and competent, just like you and me and considering that every person wishes for peace, joy, and happiness, just like you and me can add so much to the team.
At the end it is the human to human connection.

Erwünschte Vorkenntnisse: Anyone who works in teams.