Kubernetes as CfgMgmt-Tool


Andy Wirtz (IT Consultant, ATIX AG)

Termin: Samstag, 12:00 , Raum V6

Depending on the viewpoint, we can call Kubernetes a cloud, a scheduler or a configuration management tool. Kubernetes is a configuration management tool for the container platform itself, for the deployment of the application containers, the routing and loadbalancing within the container network and the provisioning of persistent storage for important container data.

Using the principle of Infrastructure as Code and a declarative model, we can define the desired state in files containing so-called Kubernetes resource configurations. By applying these configurations in a fully declarative way, we can tell Kubernetes the desired state. We can make use of version control, separation of code and data, and idempotence. By doing so, we achieve automation, standardization and reproducibility.

This talk focuses on the combination of Git and Kubernetes for the administration of the container platform. We use Git for version control of our Kubernetes resource configurations and perform a fully declarative application of these configurations to Kubernetes.