Take Part


The Chemnitz Linux Days mostly thrives on the personal atmosphere and the direct contact to many Linux-fans. This can only be achieved by the work of many volunteers.
The volunteers help to build up, down and rebuild the event area, assist the folks in the Live-Area and answer questions at the information. They look after our youngest visitors in the children's paradise, help in the Surgery Dr. Tux or support the security to ensure a trouble-free weekend.
We do not only need volunteers, but also help in organizing the Chemnitz Linux Days. By reviewing the Calls, staying in contact with our sponsors or the community, building-up the presentation area in the lobby, organizing the Linux Night or by working on the website or in the design team you can help creating the Chemnitz Linux Days.

In return all volunteers will get:

  1. free ticket (thus also to the lectures),
  2. free catering in the backstage area and food stamps for a warm meal,
  3. a T-Shirt in the current design of the Chemnitz Linux-Days 2020,
  4. workplace with computer and network access in the backstage area

at the days of assistance.

Additionally you will get:

  1. Access to the evening event for volunteers and supporters on Saturday,
  2. direct contact to all supporters even in the backstage area. ;-)

We are looking forward to welcome new interested volunteers, the knowledge of Linux does not matter because the fields of activity are wide-ranging. We also would like to get hold on people of the non-technical area!

Very important: For building up and down the event area we already need many hands on Friday!

If you are interested in helping at the Linux Days 2020, send an email.