Information on COVID-19

Dear visitors,

After many fairs were cancelled due to the spread of the corona virus, we also received questions regarding this topic.

We are following the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute closely, summarised for example in the FAQ:

So far, in this FAQ they have not advised the cancellation but have mainly focused on measures to protect visitors. There are special instructions for major events.

Regarding to the criteria mentioned there, the following applies to us:

  • We are not a major event, but an event of category II.
  • We are not a “real” international event, but recruit mainly from the german speaking countries.
  • We do not have unusually close personal contact, but such as usual in schools or universities. For instance, we do not dance together.
  • We are planning a series measures to improve the protection against infection, for example:
    • Information and Notes for shaking hands and general hygiene
    • Installation of disinfectant dispensers
    • Regular cleaning of stairs, railings and door handlings
    • No merchandising bowls, especially none containing food such as gummy bears

As far as known, virus transmission occurs by droplet infection. After a few minutes in the wild, the viruses give up. Therefore, shaking hands, kisses and sneezing are the main risk factors. i

The risk of infection should not be much higher when visiting the CLT than in normal everyday life – provided there are any infected people in the house. Of course we wish, that people from risk areas, infected persons, and persons feeling sick stay away from the event.

We therefore estimate the risk to be that low that we want to hold the event. Also in conversation with the responsible bodies of the university no obstacles for the implementation of the event could be seen.

On Thursday we received a questionnaire for risk assessment from the health department, which we filled out and returned immediately. So far there is no definitive answer. Other similar or larger events in Chemnitz, e. g. big concerts in the Stadthalle, the fair Mobil³ or the Maker Faire are taking place according to their website. The public health department reserves the right to make a decision until the begin of the event. Being in a state of suspense is a great strain on us, but nevertheless the preparation work for the CLT2020 continues at full speed, because we think that we follow the RKI recommendations that well that we can carry out the event.

Nevertheless, it can of course happen that the CLT come into focus and will be criticised for this attiude. In the worst case, one of our visitors falls ill and the carrier is sought among the CLT participants. There is a residual risk. We can only decide on the basis of the information known at the time and do so to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Keep your fingers crossed and hope with us for a nice and above all healthy CLT weekend!