Merry Christmas – Remember the Deadline in January

Dear Linux and Open Source enthusiasts,

the most important in a nutshell:

und ausführlich:

Tux has only a few calendar doors left before he and the CLT team start into their Christmas break. In January at the latest, he will cross off calendar boxes again and wait for the Chemnitz Linux Days to finally start. From a reliable source we know that he secretly looks into the database for lecture, workshop, and junior program submissions, as well as for Linux Live applicationsthe. The calls on the website are activated until 8 January 2020.

A little more time is left to register smaller contributions in the form of Lightning Talks - they will be accepted until 12 March 2020.

We are happy to already know that visitors of the Chemnitz Linux Days can look forward to the LPI exams again. Registration for the exams will soon be possible on the LPI Central Europe website.

Visitors from the area of Düsseldorf, Essen, Dortmund or Geseke can take advantage of the Freedom Tours offer. The Linux bus will travel this route on Friday and finally land in Chemnitz in the evening. There will also be a return trip.

If you are at the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig between Christmas and New Year, you should keep an eye out for the harbingers of the Chemnitz Linux Days in the form of stickers and postcards. This can be a good opportunity to send a few New Year's greetings in an old-fashioned way.

To our Tux, who now wants to know whether he may start the Christmas break already, we say: "Just do it!". We wish him and all the others a contemplative Christmas season and, until we (re)meet in March for the event, a happy and exciting New Year.

Warmest Regards
the team of the Chemnitz Linux Days