Ubuntu clients in enterprises using the devops approach


Patrick Banholzer (System Architekt, DevOps Engineer, Mercedes-Benz AG)

Termin: Samstag, 11:00 - Raum V2 - Dauer 60 Min.

We will show how we support our research software developers by supplying a Ubuntu desktop system for their everyday work. Focus is on how we deploy, configure and maintain systems with FOSS tools. (Saltstack, Foreman, Git)

Topics to be handled:
* Requirements from different development teams and how to address those
* Challenges that appear in a big (windows centric) network
* Journey from "Old IT" to "New IT"
* How we maintained / controlled the environment in the past
* How we evolved by using devops methods and open source tools
* Where are we today
* Why Saltstack? What about Puppet / Ansible?
* What's next

Erwünschte Vorkenntnisse: basic know-how in Linux / Unix

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