Surgery Dr. Tux

In this year, our 'doctors' in the Praxis Dr.Tux can only give remote support. We try to answer questions regarding free software, give useful hints or - if nothing else is feasible - give some kind words of encouragement.

We use to communicate in a Jitsi room to support our clients, best directly in the CLT-Adventure.

If for some reason it doesn't work out in the workadventure, you can also enter the Jitsi room directly.

Complex problems, like in previous years, cannot be addressed this year. In particular, if there is any chance that your Linux will no longer start properly, we cannot help.

Despite these limitations, you can visit us virtually. Perhaps the solution is much easier than expected. But don't be disappointed if our 'doctors' have to say no.

Terms and Conditions for the Surgery Dr. Tux

Unfortunately, our registration is already closed! Please ask for free consultation opportunities during the event.