Howto build your own home linux router


Rouven Czerwinski (Embedded software developer and system administrator, Pengutronix e.K.)

Scheduled time: Sunday, 10:00 - Room V4 - Duration 90 Min.

This talk will present how a linux router for home installations can be build using open source components.
While the presenter used NixOS for his router, any Linux distribution can be used. Services included in this talk are the setup of PPPoE to connect to a VDSL2 line over a modem, DHCP setup for multiple internal networks, providing DNS services to the internal networks, setting up a router firewall to filter unwanted traffic and protect the internal networks and finally the usage of an IPv6 ULA and global prefixes delegation to provide IPv6 connectivity to the internal networks.

If there is enough time I'll also briefly touch on a DDNS setup to provide VPN services for external devices using wireguard.

Desired previous knowledge: basic knowledge of networking and IP addresses

Supplemental material: Slides (742 KiB)

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