D.I.Y. Distributions


Stephan Hohmann (Senior IT Consultant, FourEnergy GmbH)

Scheduled time: Saturday, 14:00 - Room V4 - Duration 120 Min.

'It was easy, it was cheap, go do it!' The Desperate Bicycles had that to say on their 1977 debut album. A clear message, giving momentum to an audience more than willing to build themselves whatever they needed rather than relying on someone else to do it. Nowadays' Linux enthusiasts appear to be pretty much of the same breed. Fork this project, run that software. On your own infrastucture, no less.

With 'Do it Yourself!' seemingly written on each and every F(L)OSS project in existence, should one take the hint and roll yet another Linux distribution? What could possibly go wrong?

The author went through the ramifications to precisely that question and lived to tell the tale. Workshop-turned-lecture, this is less about specific tools, but rather about dos, dont's, and a lot of whys. With some hows added for good measure.

Desired previous knowledge: While not overwhelmingly technical, this lecture expects the audience to hold basic understanding on the Linux kernel, userspace, package management, and version control. May contain traces of DevOps and Punk-Rock.

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