Openmoko Code Sprint
Name: Maurice Gall

Openmoko Code Sprint

Free software is used more and more in the world of computers, also on mobile devices.

One of the flagship projects in the FOSS world among mobile devices is Openmoko. The advantage of these mobile platforms is the wide variety of applications. We want to support the needed development and organize the Openmodo Code Sprint together with the Openmoko team on Sunday, 15th March.

The code sprint focuses the development of Paroli:

What we provide:

  • a room with chairs and tables,
  • a local SVN,
  • a local network,
  • some OpenMoko Free Runner devices for testing (please take your own with you).

What you also should take with you:

  • laptop with the appropriate development environment (Python and efl, Enligtenment including Python bindings for edbus, edje, ecore, Eve and ETK)
  • desire to develop this tool in an ad hoc team.

Please contact us for further information. We ask for a prior registration for better organization. Thank you.

The code sprint is an event of the Linux Live area. Visitors are invited to come in and to learn how to make free software.

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