Call for Lectures
Name: Ralph Sontag
Phone: +49 371 531-25807

Call for Lectures

On the one hand the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage present professional developers and their concepts, products and experiences. On the other hand users can find help and encouragement and furthermore get ideas for solutions for their infrastructure in lectures.

The registration for lectures is only available on our German pages. Thank you very much for your understanding. Please get in touch with us if you wish to submit a registration but don't speak German.

Main focuses for 2009

  • Mobile Platforms (Mobile Plattformen)

    Technologies and development kits for mobile phones, smart phones and other mobile devices

  • Today's Development (Entwickeln heute)

    Useful tools and organisational questions of open source software development

  • Data on the Web (Daten im Netz)

    A multiplicity of the new opportunities on the internet, ranging from OpenStreetMap to Youtube and their aspects that go from participating and benefiting to divulgement of personal data

Beginners Forum

The beginners forum will take on questions from lateral entries and newbies in short talks of about 25 minutes. Subesquently there will be the opportunity for detailed discussions or presentations. Lectures for beginners are simple but hard to do! We look forward to experienced referees who can pass on their knowledge in a clearly structured and conditioned way and are furthermore devoted to the variegated questions of our attendees.


To registration form!
Closing date: 5th January 2009

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