What Makes OpenSolaris Interesting

Roman Strobl

Sonntag, 10:00 Uhr, Raum V4 [als ical]

There is a new OpenSolaris distribution created by Sun Microsystems that is available as a Live CD. Unlike previous releases of the Solaris operating system, it can be installed on a majority of x86 desktop/laptop computers. It's the first operating system that uses ZFS (Zettabyte File System) by default, which has advanced data management features. OpenSolaris provides many of the enterprise features from Solaris, including observability and performance tuning tools. OpenSolaris is more familiar to Linux users than any previous Solaris release, many changes have been made to make it easier to move to OpenSolaris. A new network-based packaging system called IPS is available which makes it easier to get up-to-date software.
The whole session is demo-driven: you'll see demos of working with ZFS, using DTrace for monitoring applications, introduction to the Service Management Facility (SMF), overview of IPS packaging and a quick demo of developer tools. A brief discussion of upcoming OpenSolaris releases will be included.

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