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Icinga - Open Source Monitoring

Icinga is an enterprise grade open source monitoring system which keeps watch
over a network and any conceivable network resource, notifies the user of
errors and recoveries, and generates performance data for reporting. Scalable
and extensible, Icinga can monitor complex, large environments across dispersed

Far beyond a simple fork of Nagios, Icinga supports PostgreSQL and Oracle while
offering a flexible architecture based on a REST, web and plugin APIs for
easier extension. Top it off with the most user-friendly and customisable web
interface and you have Icinga - open source monitoring at the next level.

Website: http://www.icinga.org

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Name: Bernd Erk
Firma / Organisation: ICINGA - Open Source Monitoring
E-Mail: info@...

Name: Jannis Moßhammer

Name: Eric Lippmann

Name: Marcus Hanisch

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