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The Linux Professional Insitute - LPI has made the develompent of international qualification standards for Linux and free software to their business. The aim is the support and encouragement of a professional handling with this kind of software.

In line with the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage, the LPI certification exams will be offered again in this year:


Exam Costs Language
Exam LPI 101 (first part of LPIC-1) 80 € German or English
Exam LPI 102 (second part of LPIC-1) 80 € German or English
Exam LPI 201 (first part of LPIC-2) 80 € German or English
Exam LPI 202 (second part of LPIC-2) 80 € German or English
Exam LPI 301 (core exam of LPIC-3) 100 € English
Exam LPI 302 (first additional exam of LPIC-3) 80 € English
Exam LPI 303 (second additional exam of LPIC-3) 80 € English
Univention Professional Certification (LPI 198) 85 € German

The language will be chosen on registration. The costs do not include the admission fee for the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage.


The exams will take place on Sunday, 18th March 2011, at 10:30am and 12:30pm in the room VR. Participants will have to meet there 15 minutes before the beginning of the exam.


The exam will be conducted on paper. The result will arrive via email after the manual correction in about four weeks after the exam. With the completed certification level, the official documents will be delivered by post.


The participants of the exam will need a valid LPI-ID and a piece of information with a photo (ID card). Those who don't yet have a LPI-ID, have the opportunity to create one on registration at

Please work through the content of the exam carefully first, before you take the exam:

As a reminder: In order to become LPI Level 1 certified (LPIC-1), you will have to pass the exams 101 and 102. For the second level (LPIC-2) you will additionally need the exams 201 and 202. Thus with the pass of one sole exam, you will not obtain a certification. For LPIC-3, the first exam (LPI 301) is mandatory. All other LPIC-3 exams (LPI 302 etc.) are optional.


Due to the limited amount of available slots for the LPI exam, it is necessary to register.

The registration form is available at

For further information, please directly talk to the LPI e.V. or visit LPI international,LPI Central Europe and LPI e.V.

last edited on 09/10/15 by Stefan Bauer
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