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The BSD Certification Group Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to creating and maintaining a global certification standard for system administration on BSD based operating systems.
Operating systems built on the Berkeley Software Distribution software releases (from the University of California Berkeley) have been around since the mid-1970s. Originally used on expensive hardware the software proved flexible and robust enough to port to smaller and smaller systems. Universities and research organizations around the world were already using the software when the first Intel 386 port appeared in March, 1992.
Companies large and small want to protect their investment in BSD systems by employing system administrators, users, programmers, network specialists and others with demonstrated proficiency in using and understanding these systems. BSD Certification provides these companies with a clear path to hiring qualified individuals.


Informationen zu den Ausstellern

Name: Benedict Reuschling
Beruf: FreeBSD Committer
Firma / Organisation: The FreeBSD Project

Name: Daniel Seuffert
Beruf: Unternehmensberater
E-Mail: info@...

Name: Martin Schütte

Name: Fabian Borschel

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