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Once again in this year, a tour around the Chemnitzer Hochleistungs-Linux-Cluster (CHiC), a high-performance Linux cluster, will be offered. This cluster replaces the Chemnitzer Linux Cluster (CLiC) which was decomissioned in 2007. The CHiC comes up with 530 nodes that are connected by InfiniBand and a memory complex of 60 Terabyte. Therewith the CHiC makes the research a lot more easier for students and scientists.

Further information about the cluster are available at:
Interested visitors may also have a look at some technical details presented here.

On Saturday evening the supervisors of the CHiC, will give a tour around the cluster to those who are interested. They will introduce the project and of course answer your questions.

Those who don't want to miss this opportunity need to register themselves at the information desk on Saturday because of the limited number of participants.

The tour will start at 6:30 pm on 17th March 2012 in the TU's main building (Straße der Nationen 62). At the registration you'll get a small brochure with the exact way description and a matching public transport connection.

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