a small part of the CLT-Adventure world

Let's go to the (virtual) auditorium building of the TU Chemnitz

We have spared no effort to turn the Orangerie into an adventure playground once again this year. Chatting with complete strangers, spending time in the ball pool, diving in the pool, playing hide-and-seek underground, hanging out in the chill-out lounge. - all this and more is possible at the CLT Adventure!

Go directly on CLT-Adventure

What can bee seen there?

There are four floors in total. On the groundfloor is our Linux live area. The stands there offer a special programme this year. At the information stand, we are always there for questions and to give support. Not far from it, you can buy a gadget for your home office table: in our webshop the this year's mug and also other stuff is sold. The large staircase leads to the upper floor and the lecture rooms with the current streams. We have hidden more surprises in some places, some particularly good - who can find them all?

How can I get in?

Go directly on CLT-Adventure. At the start the browser aks you for enabling your camera and microphone – this is needed for the meeting with other visitors. Enabling it is also possible at a later time.

enable microphone or camera

For entering your name up to ten characters are possible. Do not be irritated: No cursor is shown.

screenshot for choosing a name

After confirmation with enter, an avatar can be chosen or created.

screenshot avatar choice, margin-bottom:1em;

When creating an avatar, you can decide for a body, eyes, hair, clothes and accessoires by pressing the arrow keys.

Your settings will be saved within the browser.

Starting point of the adventure is the entry of our event building. For getting a better overview, you can change the brwoser zoom. Using the menu on the upper left, the avatar, camera and microphone settings can be changed afterwards. If you meet another visitor, the two of you start a conversation. Up to for persons can communicate in such a meeting, as long as they are positioned near.

At stands and maps, an additional window opens and gives further information, a website or programm offer. Some stands offer meeting rooms for questions and discussions.

Circles with turquoise pulsating rings are portals leading to maps of other members. When entering, you leave the map of the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage.


  • zoom in/out: Strg + , Strg -
  • move: arrow keys:  ,  ,  , or W , A , S , D
  • run: ⇧ Shift + arrow bzw. + W , A , S , D
    Notice: Conversations will be interrupted while running, not while walking – as long as persons are together within one circle.
  • communicate: automatically whe meeting persons (a circle is drawn around the group) and in conference tools.
  • chillout areas/lecture rooms: no communication possible
  • change floor: use staircases to move between basement, groundfloor, upper floor and roof
  • walls:The acatar can not go through walls or tables, walk around it. Chose walking in the middle in small areas.
  • mute: mute symbol The mute symbol shows that you found a place to rest. It is a quiet place, there are no communication possibilities

  • Jitsi: Kamera-Symbol The camera symbol shows Jitsi group rooms. You can get in contact with more then four persons there.

  • hamburger menu: hamburger menu In the hamburger menu on the upper left several settings can be reached, e.g. you can change your name and avatar here.

Further Notes

Bottom right, buttons for turning on and off camera, screen sharing and microphone access are shown during the exploration tour.

Accessing camera, micorphone or screen

When a tile opens an iframe, conversations are terminated. As long as you are standing on the tile, no conversations can be started with you. The web pages can be closed at the top right via a small cross that appears when the mouse is hovered. Closing is sometimes necessary when walking away no longer works because the web page has the focus.

Orientation: The link in the web browser always indicates the floor and the last entry point (e.g. the stairs). You can pass this on to others, e.g. via Matrix, in order to meet somewhere quickly. If, contrary to expectations, you should get completely lost or not be able to return from a strange world, the following will help: Call up the start page - and you're back at the entrance to the lecture hall building.

An now: Have fun while exploring!