The Chemnitz Linux Days stand for peaceful and open minded communication. We promote and welcome an open society from which many new and good ideas emerge.

We warmly welcome guests from all nations and treat each other with respect.

What is important to us

Yes, the following list originates from primary school times, but has not lost its validity and also applies to both interpretations of the current CLT motto „Mach es einfach!”, which can be read as "Keep it simple!" as well as "Just do it!".

  • We treat each other with respect, show consideration for each other and let our counterpart finish.
  • We always treat others as we expect them to treat us.
  • We do not only think of ourselves, but help each other.
  • We pay attention to our choice of words and do not insult anyone.

Our confidants Sylvio and Antje will help you if there are difficulties. On the weekend of the event you can reach them fastest via the information desk (telephone: 0371 531 25807).