Botnets – Basics And How To Track Them.


Axel Wauer / Homepage

Scheduled time: Sunday, 16:00 - Room V2 - Duration 60 Min.

Searching for the term »botnet« on your favourite search engine mostly lists pages and tutorials which explain how to set up a botnet. More rarely you will find guidance and lectures about tracking them or even how to take them down.

In the light of this year's motto »simply do it« this talk will give an overview across botnet architectures, botnet attacks, the way they work and where to start if you want to track them. Thereby we will clarify what DGA, P2P, Sinkholing or Fast Flux means, where to get malware samples and how to analyse them in order to create your own tracker.

Desired previous knowledge: This lecture provides basic knowledge and is designed for computer science students and anyone interested in the topic of cyber security and botnets.

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