Name: Ronald Schmidt

Call for Presentations

The registration for presentations is only available on our German pages. Thank you very much for your understanding. Please get in touch with us if you wish to register but don't speak German.

We would like to offer a high standard to our visitors. For this reason the following issues should be considered.

  • "Poster session"
    One-man projects have the opportunity to present what they are doing.
  • Obligation of a poster
    You will not get a stand without a poster. We offer layout and production at no costs for those projects that don't have representative posters.
  • Obligation of an abstract
    You will not get a stand without a written abstract.
  • Minimum mentoring
    Not less than two people will be needed for you stand. (Otherwise your registration will be treated as Poster Session.)
  • Limited mentoring
    The maximum number of stand representatives will be limited to an appropriate number of your project.)
  • Maximum power consumption on the stand
    Up to 1000 watt are available at the sands and will be measured in advance. Please get in touch with us in case you will need more capacity.

To registration form! (German language)
Closing date: 5th January 2009

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