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Vortrag: Icinga - Open Source Monitoring More Powerful Than Before

Bernd Erk (ICINGA - Open Source Monitoring) / E-Mail: info@...

Termin:  Samstag, 12:00 Uhr, Raum V2

Icinga is an enterprise grade open source monitoring system. With scalable and extensible monitoring, notification and reporting capabilities, it is ideal for distributed environments. Beyond a Nagios fork, Icinga features PostgreSQL and Oracle support, an API based modular architecture and a highly dynamic UI. This presentation will introduce Icinga’s technical foundations, explain how it’s designed to enable greater redundancy in complex networks, and discuss REST API development alongside useful addons. We’ll demo the new web interface with integrated reports and business process views, and give insight into future plans for the project.

Webseite zum Beitrag: http://www.icinga.org

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Weitere Informationen: Kurz-Paper

Video-Aufzeichnung: Video-Datei-Download (125 MiB)

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