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Vortrag: AHCI and KVM - how to do storage access right

Alexander Graf (Software Engineer, SUSE) / Homepage

Termin:  Sonntag, 11:00 Uhr, Raum V5

Virtualization usually looks at making CPU and memory accesses fast, maybe even networking. But what about disk access? Some workloads require you to access a storage device fast and not every guest operating system can run paravirtualized drivers.

This talk will give an overview on why IDE is slow for virtulization and KVM in particular, what AHCI actually is and how it helps virtualizing disk workloads like running Windows guests.

Webseite zum Beitrag: http://www.qemu.org

Erwünschte Vorkenntnisse: Basic understanding of which components are in a PC.

Video-Aufzeichnung: Video-Datei-Download (45 MiB)

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