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Vortrag: Developing Linux inside QEMU/KVM Virtual Machines

Jan Kiszka (Linux Consultant & Developer, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology) / E-Mail: jan.kiszka@...

Termin:  Sonntag, 14:00 Uhr, Raum V5

Did you ever wonder how to debug a kernel debugger? Or how to get hold of sporadic hard lockups in the absence of JTAG-like hardware access? Or if there is a way to shorten turn-around times during driver development? KVM with its user space mate QEMU provides a powerful hypervisor that is also able to make kernel hacking more fun. This talk will introduce to its debugging capabilities. It will present some host/guest setup patterns as well as debugging strategies exploiting SMP, device pass-through, device state visualization, and more.

Erwünschte Vorkenntnisse: Der Vortrag richtet sich sowohl an Linux-Programmierer, die in die Kernel-Entwicklung einsteigen wollen und eine Testumgebung suchen, als auch an fortgeschrittene, die ihre Arbeitsumgebung optimieren möchten.

Material zum Beitrag: Folien (PDF) (596 KiB)

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