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Vortrag: FTrace and KernelShark

Steven Rostedt (Computer Programmer, Red Hat Inc) / E-Mail: rostedt@...

Termin:  Samstag, 15:00 Uhr, Raum V4

Ftrace is a kernel tracer that lets you analyze what is going on inside the kernel. From seeing almost any function call to more detailed information from static tracepoints. Ftrace's interface can be used with simple echo and cat commands, but this usage can be tedious and the output can be overwhelming. A userspace tool trace-cmd has been created to simplify the interface and create a binary data file, allowing you to parse the data more efficiently. But still the textual output from ftrace makes it difficult to see the bigger picture. This is where KernelShark comes in. KernelShark is a GUI tool that reads the trace-cmd data file and shows the data in a graphical format. This talk will introduce you to trace-cmd as well as KernelShark.

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