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Vortrag: Adaptive tickless kernel

Frederic Weisbecker (Kernel Developer, Red Hat, Inc.) / E-Mail: fweisbec@...

Termin:  Samstag, 16:00 Uhr, Raum V4

The scheduler tick is a timer that runs periodically to maintain the progression of time, scheduler state, rcu state, load statistics, timers, etc …
With 2.6.21 a new feature called dynticks came that shuts down the periodic tick when a CPU goes idle to reduce CPU energy consumption.
Today we want to minimize the tick further when the CPU is busy running tasks. The goal is to reduce the critical sections that induce latencies. Throughput may also get better without useless interrupts to handle and the CPU cache trashing they cause.

Erwünschte Vorkenntnisse: Some basics about kernel knowledge: scheduling, interrupt, timers, etc...

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