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Workshop: Seeing inside the Linux Kernel with ftrace

Steven Rostedt (Computer Programmer, Red Hat Inc) / E-Mail: rostedt@...

Termin:  Sonntag, 10:00 Uhr, Raum W3

This workshop will show people how to use ftrace to see what the Linux kernel is doing. Ftrace is an internal kernel tracer that allows you to see what functions the kernel is executing. Users can see functions as well as trace points, such as, tasks scheduling, timers, and interrupts, as well as much more. Ftrace is enabled in most distribution kernels, so attendees do not need to install a new kernel to participate. Attendees will also learn how to use trace-cmd and kernelshark that are tools to interact with ftrace.

Webseite zum Beitrag:

Erwünschte Vorkenntnisse: Understanding basic Linux commands (mount, cat, echo). Knowing C is a plus but not a requirement.

Weitere Informationen: Kurz-Paper

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