virtual Kid's Paradise

Kid's Paradise

Otherwise, when we got together, we painted with you, made penguins out of shrink foil, felted, cast plaster, built houses, designed bead art, played table football and much, much more.

Since we unfortunately won't be able to meet in the Kid's Paradise this year, we've picked some things for you so that you can bring the Chemnitz Linux Days to your table at home, just like your parents, and be creative on your own or together with friends and family. As a very special surprise, there will be a reading event where you can listen to a wonderful story.

Children's Book Reading

On Saturday and Sunday you can listen to (and watch) Inke Hummel reading her book "Der Mönkel und der geheimnisvolle Turm" (in German) for you. The video can be found by clicking on the picture from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

Templates for Painting and Folding

Handicraft Instructions