Just listening is boring?

No problem. Participating in our workshops is not only allowed but also encouraged. You can apply your newly learned skills on your own Computer while the speaker is talking.

Please note that a registration is required for all workshops. The corresponding forms are available on the detail pages of each workshop and will be opened on 07.02.2022. The participation, this year, is free of charge.

We will use BigBlueButton to conduct the workshops. Those who have registered for a workshop will receive an invitation e-mail with login information for the virtual room in the days before the Linux-Tage.

A headset should be used in order to communicate without distracting background noises.

Changes since announcement

  • The lecture „Stell dir vor, dein Heimserver wurde gehackt“ on Sunday at 11:00 in V2 was cancelled.
  • The lecture „We're Open! – Wie starte ich ein OSS-Projekt?“ on Sunday at 10:00 in V5 was cancelled.
  • The lecture „Bash/Ansible/Salt Code mit Foreman REX Plugin ausführen“ on Sunday at 16:00 in V3 was cancelled.

Current Version: Ewald

Saturday, 12. March 2022

Beginn des Workshopprogramms
T. Güttler:
Python, Programmieren macht Spaß
T. Platen:
Musikproduktion mit GNU/Linux
P. Koppatz:
Bloggen und dokumentieren mit ReStructured Text
18:00Ende des Workshopprogramms

Sunday, 13. March 2022

Beginn des Workshopprogramms
Dr. C. Knoll:
Python für Ingenieur:innen – Kompaktworkshop
M. Hierweck,
P. Hormanns:

11 Freunde oder Wie aus freien Tools eine Mannschaft wird
S. Luckow:
CMS Sprechstunde
Dr. M. Müller:
JupyterLab for Everybody - Better Interactive Python
A. Böhm:
Einfach mal Rust machen
H. König:
Same Procedure as Every Year: Kommandozeilen-Sprechstunde(n)
18:00Ende des Workshopprogramms


  • Registration is necessary.

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The lecture program was compiled by: Mario Haustein, Chris Hübsch, Ronny Kramer, Jens Pönisch, Ralph Sontag, Daniel Schreiber, Philipp Skotnik